Dr. Name withheld,Tucson, AZ


The Doctor was only two months out from the end of her lease date, she had been in this particular space for 10 years. Having recently done some renovations to her existing space, she was waiting on an extension from her landlord. Now, 60 days out from the end of her lease, she was served notice to vacate. The Doctor faced the very real possibility of losing everything she had worked for up to this point. She had to find a place and find it quickly.


When we were connected with the Doctor through her merchandise rep, we recognized quickly that she would not have the time required to build out a new space. Her situation would require her to move to a dental ready space. Upon searching our inventory of vacant dental spaces we located off-market options within her vicinity which would not cause significant loss in her current patient base. Moving things along quickly, we finalized negotiations for her new space with time to spare. As an added bonus, her new office is a significant upgrade from her old space in both visibility and interior buildout. We were also able to reduce her rent and get her a substantial free rent and tenant improvement package. The Doctor is now ready to get back to what she does best, taking care of her patients.

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