Specialty Practice, (Dr. Name withheld)


At the beginning of a promising career, this particular specialist was looking forward to leaving her internship and opening her own practice. She had even begun the process of finding a location. When we were put in contact with her, she had come to the conclusion that many of the Arizona markets were saturated with dental practices and had begun to search tertiary markets as a more profitable options.


When we began working with the Doctor, we first reviewed all of her favored markets both metro and tertiary. Using our density and referral analyses we located “holes” in the metro areas that she preferred. She now had options. We then narrowed down her top sites by locating the best possible area’s based on her referral patterns. The Doctor settled on a site that uniquely situated her new practice in respect to her referral sources while still providing her plenty of distance from other specialists in her area. We were also able to negotiate a leasing package which included a substantially lower than market rate and a significant free rent package. In the end, she saved over $300K for her new practice.

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