Dr. Michael Slattery, Phoenix, AZ


Dr. Slattery’s practice is located in a North Phoenix retail center. Over the years, his landlord had continually increased his rent while reducing his visibility by relocating his practice within the shopping center. When we began working with Dr. Slattery, his office had been moved to the very back of the shopping center with out any street visible signage. Because of the situation, his practice was suffering at a time when it should have been growing to prepare him for a transition should he ever decide to retire.


After looking at Dr. Slattery’s situation, we completed a market review and analysis for his current site. He realized that his situation needed to change immediately. We discovered that his rate was significantly over market and that other spaces in the area were offering substantial incentives should he decide to move. After more discussion, it was decided that (should his current landlord cooperate) it would be best if Dr. Slattery were able to stay in his current space. In the end, we were able to decrease Dr. Slattery’s rent to below market rates, get him several months free rent, and a TI’s package in order to to upgrade his space and give him monument signage. In addition, we secured the lease clauses necessary should he ever decide to transition into retirement. Dr. Slattery is now back on track with his goals for his practice.

“I had Christian Gile represent me in my office space landlord tenant renegotiations this past year and I am glad I did. He was professional, courteous, attentive and tenacious all when he needed to be. He negotiated a great deal that I could not have negotiated for myself and it took very little effort on my part. His services were no cost to me. He did all the tough stuff. In the end he saved me thousands of dollars and lots of leg work. I would definitely recommend using his services through Arizona Healthcare Realty.”
–Michael T. Slattery DDS, Phoenix, AZ

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