Dr. Martich, DDS


Dr. Martich was a first time buyer of a dental practice. He had a lot of questions regarding the real estate that needed answers. In addition, the property location of the practice had a very tough landlord.


Dr. Martich needed advice and representation to help him through a complicated lease negotiation process and he needed confidence that when he did sign that lease that he would be making a safe investment. Dr. Martich was at the end of his practice negotiations when we were put in contact with him. As it turned out, his fears were well founded. His future landlord was asking him to sign an over-market lease which would have impacted his profits significantly. Not only were his rates over market but he was entering into a long-term lease without any lease incentives (which should be part of any correctly negotiated lease). Without only limited time available we needed to quickly implement a strong negotiation strategy. In the end we were able to secure a satisfactory lease rate which included an incentive package and the necessary lease clauses which provided him a secure foundation for increased profits.

“I was provided with Christian’s number through a trusted friend. Let me begin with saying, Christian helped me through my first purchase and lease. I’ve only recently graduated from dental school. I assumed a lease was as simple as a signature. It’s not. I’ve heard plenty of sad stories from friends about their losses after a signature. Signing a lease, for however many years, is a major commitment. You need someone with experience. At the end of the day, Christian saved me thousands of dollars, and helped me gain a better stance in my corporate office space. The previous owner didn’t even have a clause to prevent other dentist from occupying the building. Christian is someone whom I trust and respect. I feel lucky to have met him. So does my wife.”
-Dr. Martich, Flagstaff, AZ

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