Tony Kaocharoen DDS

I just want to express how thankful I am to Arizona Healthcare Realty for helping me find the perfect location for my new office. Your referral list of professionals-from attorney to general contractor was very helpful. I realize now how important it is to have a professional who understands the needs of a dentist, especially, when it comes to relocating a dental office. The excitement of a brand new office location with great visibility is shared with all our patients, staff and myself. Thanks so much!
Dr. Tony Kaocharoen
Scottsdale, AZ

Thank you Arizona Healthcare Realty for doing a terrific job in brokering our most recent lease. There were a lot of details that we would not have covered and many we would have missed if it was not for you. Believe me, there are many from our first lease (where we did not use your company) that I wish we could go back and do-over. You were there to answer my many questions, sometimes multiple times, but were always sincere and patient. Thank you again for making this process stress-free!

Dr. Geoff Berthiaume
Topaz Veterinary Clinic

I highly recommend Arizona Health Care Realty. When we first met I addressed my concerns about my lease. The amazing part was that he heard and UNDERSTOOD my issues the FIRST time. I DID NOT HAVE TO GO BACK ON EXPLAIN THEM AGAIN. Not only did they address them, they exceeded my expectations. This was what impressed me the most. I would strongly advise anyone dealing with leases or real estate to contact AZHCR. You will not regret it.

Dr. William Allen
Tucson, AZ

I just wanted to offer my sincerest appreciation for all of your help with my new office lease. I could not have imagined doing this on my own and even if I had tried, I know I would not have gotten the outstanding lease terms that you were able to negotiate. During the entire process I was constantly amazed by your vast knowledge of commercial real estate, your attention to detail, your ability to think outside the box and most importantly your availability. I would have no hesitation recommending Arizona Healthcare Realty services to anyone looking to buy or lease commercial real estate.

Dr. Don Eberhart
Phoenix, AZ

Christian Gile and his team with Arizona Healthcare Realty provide outstanding service – they are friendly, compassionate and really get to the root of your ultimate needs. They look at all the options available to you, leasing and/or purchasing, and figure out the best possible solution for your future goals and business plan. My husband and I own a busy chiropractic office in Chandler and don’t have a lot of time to spend “researching” the area. Arizona Healthcare Realty does all of that for you, so you are able to focus on your business. They do their research, so you can make the best possible decision for your business. We are extremely happy with the property we selected. They know their stuff and make the process extremely easy and efficient – saving you time and money. I highly recommend their service to anyone looking for elite professionals in healthcare real estate.

Dr. Mike Schloemp
Chandler Chiropractic

When purchasing my first practice, I thought I had no options when it came to the lease agreement. I almost blindly signed an agreement with a price per square foot that was well over current market values. Thank goodness my banker recommended that I meet with Arizona Healthcare Realty. They are professionals and their knowledge of the market is unmatched. They helped me develop a strategy to negotiate from a position of strength, and I will be in a much better agreement long-term due to his knowledge and recommendations. To be unrepresented in professional commercial real estate is to be taken advantage of. I am so glad I had AZHCR on my team.

Dr. Sam Swainhart
Scottsdale, AZ

I met the Arizona Healthcare Realty team at a dental meeting almost 2 years ago. They have been very professional, polite, and helpful. They treated me with greatest respect, even though I didn’t know much about what I was doing with real estate. Last week I purchased a multi-tenant building and will convert it to a dental office over the next few months. It would never have happened without Arizona Healthcare Realty. This was a difficult transaction, but they worked through bank demands, SBA demands, Tenant demands, Seller demands, and got me a great result. The highest recommendations I can give go to Arizona Healthcare Realty. Thanks, all!

Dr. Larry Fink
Phoenix, AZ

I had the good fortune of having Arizona Healthcare Realty help me to renew my lease in a corporate office building recently. I have been in my location for 10 years and the lease renewal is due in October. We started in January to have a good negotiating stance and the lease is done and signed for renewal in October. I am so grateful to have had the their help during this process. I came out with a very positive new agreement with another renewal option available. My renewal is a much better deal than I originally negotiated, myself, 10 years ago. I couldn’t be happier. It was easy and painless! I just want to take care of my patients and their teeth because that is what I am good at. Arizona Healthcare Realty is the best at leases, new and renewals and practice transitions. Thank you team! I couldn’t be happier.

Dr. Carol Ford
Phoenix, AZ

Being a dentist, I focus on dentistry, not realty and lease negotiation. When it came time to renew our lease I knew I didn’t want to renew my original contract with the renewal options in the current lease, but I didn’t know what my options were or even how to find them. I asked a colleague for some help and he referred us to Arizona Healthcare Realty. They were very professional and on top of all the details every step of the way. They made sure to present every option in the area from buying, to leasing a new space, to remaining in my current location. In the end, I ended up staying in my current location, but with a contract that was better for me today, in 2016, than my original contract that began 7 years ago. I highly recommend their services and will definitely use them again when the time comes. Thank you!

Dr. Daniel Chiara
Chiara Dental

The team at Arizona Healthcare Realty were amazing partners for us as we bought our business’s first building. From the beginning, we were impressed with their professionalism, knowledge and confidence that they could put us in a perfect space for our clinic. On our very first tour of properties, he showed us a building that fit nearly every criteria we listed. Finding that space was only the beginning of the process, however, and they were intrepid advocates for us as we proceeded through our due diligence, our financing, and our negotiations with the seller. We probably only glimpsed a portion of the efforts they were making on our behalf, but at every difficult juncture, they reassured us that they would see to it that we made it through. In every case they delivered. After ten years in business, we were not without some experience in running a business, but I shudder to think how easily buying this building could have fallen apart without their guidance. they provided everything we wanted in a real estate agent. They was supportive of our decisions as well as providing strong advice, even when they knew that advice ran counter to our initial desires. They were tenacious in securing us the best terms from all parties. He was perpetually present during the process, providing constant updates and frequently checking in with us to be sure we were following through on our responsibilities. Lastly, they were considerate and pleasant throughout. Their optimism helped tremendously during the difficult times
We strongly recommend Arizona Healthcare Realty.

Dr. Judy Karnia

I was referred to Arizona Healthcare Realty through a friend and could not be happier with their professional service. Opening an office can be overwhelming, and they made the process much easier. They went above and beyond to help me find the right location and was very patient while working with me. He is extremely knowledgeable in the field, which is great when it comes to representing me to negotiate general lease terms. I highly recommend AZ Healthcare Realty services. And to Christian, I cannot thank you enough.

Dr. Trammy Truong
Buckeye, AZ

Christian and his team were helpful every step of the way. From the beginning Christian searched for spaces that fit my needs in the area that I wanted. When I finally decided on a space that worked for me, Christian worked to get it for a great price. Most importantly to me, the entire team worked to make the sale a smooth process. They kept me up to date, and on track so everything closed on time since this was my first commercial purchase. I highly recommend Christian and his team.

Dr. Steve Petruzzi
Phoenix, AZ

I have had the great pleasure of knowing the team at Arizona Healthcare Realty. Our dental practice hired AZHCR to negotiate our lease renewal. We are so pleased with the work they did for us. When we decided to renewal our lease, they were able to find comparable dental practice spaces with great lease rates. When it came time to negotiate, they got the initial asking lease rate of $37.00/sqf down to $27.25/sqf. They also negotiated for great TI allowance for upgrades, and even got three months free rent. My CPA highly recommended AZHCR to be our agent because they are very knowledgeable of the healthcare professional market.
I would give Arizona Healthcare Realty my highest recommendation. Their unique talent set was invaluable to us. They know the Arizona market inside out and everybody involved in it. In touring properties and meeting with owners and leasing agents, it quickly became apparent that they are one of the most respected commercial firms in town. They did so much more for us than was required or expected. They were truly there for the entire process and remain so. Not only did they find the right space for us but thier expertise and advice saved us a significant amount of money. They were extremely hard-working and tenacious negotiators.
I would describe them as fiercely loyal to their clients. They are also some of the most positive, upbeat people I have ever met which makes working with them a true pleasure.

Dr. Jenny Wang
Surprise, AZ

Without hesitation, I would recommend Arizona Healthcare Realty for your realty needs. They truly understand the idea of serving their clients. They use their experience and skill to truly advocate for your best interests. They give advice that you can trust because they know their work well. Arizona Healthcare Realty helped us get the best possible outcome when finding our property and negotiating our lease. I’m happy to have their help. Thank you!

Dr. Shayne Guffey
Chandler, AZ

I had Arizona Healthcare Realty represent me in my office space landlord tenant renegotiations this past year and I am glad I did. They were professional, courteous, attentive and tenacious all when they needed to be. They negotiated a great deal that I could not have negotiated for myself and it took very little effort on my part. Their services were no cost to me. They did all the tough stuff. In the end they saved me thousands of dollars and lots of leg work. I would definitely recommend using their services.

Dr. Michael Slattery
Phoenix, AZ

I was provided with Arizona Healthcare Realty’s contact information through a trusted friend. Let me begin with saying, They helped me through my first practice transition and lease. I’ve only recently graduated from dental school. I assumed a lease was as simple as a signature. It’s not. I’ve heard plenty of sad stories from friends about their losses after a signature. Signing a lease, for however many years, is a major commitment. You need someone with experience. At the end of the day, Arizona Healthcare Realty saved me thousands of dollars, and helped me gain a better stance in my corporate office space. The previous owner didn’t even have a clause to prevent other dentist from occupying the building. Arizona Healthcare Realty is a company whom I trust and respect. I feel lucky to have met them. So does my wife.

Dr. Elliot Martich
Flagstaff, AZ

Arizona Healthcare Realty was an invaluable help to me when purchasing my dental practice. I was given the option to purchase or lease the building of the practice I was purchasing and they helped me through the entire process. Arizona Healthcare Realty obviously has many years of experience working in the medical real estate field and I highly recommend them!

Dr. Joe Richardson
Tucson, AZ

I am the Founder and President of Rocky Mountain Dental Partners in Denver Colorado. We have multiple office locations in the Denver area. It became important for us to move one of the locations to something more visible. I found Christian Gile through a referral from my supply rep – and I am sure glad I found him. Christian was professional, courteous, and prompt in all of his dealings with me and the new landlord. I was impressed by his extensive knowledge of the area and the deal. After using him, I wouldn’t use anyone else. If you are looking to hire someone to help with your medical real estate – I would highly recommend Christian!

Dr. Landon Blatter

Among other medical related business, we operate urgent care and physical therapy centers. In the past we have used regular commercial real estate brokers to negotiate our leases. In this transaction we decided to try using a specialist to help us find our new location and negotiate the deal. It made all the difference. Arizona Healthcare Realty helped us find the ideal location and negotiate on a number of items that I didn’t even realize were negotiable. Our transaction also involved navigating a complicated sub-lease buyout. Their expertise in medical real estate and superior negotiating skill made the process smooth and saved us a significant amount of time and over $120K! I highly recommend Arizona Healthcare Realty.

Jeremiah Faber, President
Wellspring, Ancillary Medical Services

Our business is rapidly expanding and we used Arizona Healthcare Realty to negotiate a new office lease. We had originally thought we needed a very large space. After discussions with them, they showed us how we could save over $150K on an interim solution giving us time to focus our resources on the expansion of our practices instead of paying real estate costs for space that was not yet needed. This is the second time we have used Arizona Healthcare Realty. In both transactions they proved that they always have our best interests in mind. Arizona Healthcare Realty is truly the clients’ advocate. We can’t recommend them highly enough.

Mimi Cho, VP of Operations
Samuel Medical HR Services



…Christian Gile tackled a big project when asked to help renew my lease or find a new home for the practice. He was masterful at arranging a very nice option to relocate versus maximizing a return on the initial investment at my current location. In the end, his negotiation with my existing landlord proved invaluable, and I am now in year 2 of a renewed 10 year lease while enjoying a remodeled office thanks to a healthy tenant improvement allowance! The Arizona dental community has acquired an invaluable asset in Christian Gile.

Dr. Thomas C. Reed
City Center Dental Group

I was fortunate to work with Arizona Healthcare Realty during the process of leasing office space during my recent dental practice purchase. Their stellar reputation and experience were exactly what I needed. They took my personal situation and needs into consideration throughout the business negotiations. They can be counted on to obtain the best terms available in the given situation, or assist in finding another location better suited for your practice. Their integrity, commitment and tenacity are some of the qualities I appreciated most about them while we worked together. It is apparent they enjoy their work and truly care about their clients. I highly recommend Arizona Healthcare Realty to professionals who need real estate expertise.

Dr. Kristin Wade
Prescott, AZ

I contacted Arizona Healthcare Realty to negotiate a lease agreement with the landlord on my new dental office transition. This building was also available for purchase. They did an amazing job in representing me in these negotiations and saved me lots of money. They are very knowledgable and come with a lot of experience. They helped me understand a lot of details since this is my first dental office. I am very happy that they suggested to buy the real estate instead of signing a lease since this saved me a great deal of money. I bought the real estate for half the asking price and as you can tell lot of hard work went into it. Thanks to Arizona Healthcare Realty, there was very little effort from my end. They are very professional, courteous, patient, always responded to any requests in a timely fashion and kept me informed with any updates. This was not easy deal to close and we were able to do it only because of their services which came at no cost. I would highly recommend using Arizona Healthcare Realty Service’s.

Dr. Ashakiran Gummadi
Eloy, AZ


Picture 006

Since we had our lease negotiated by Arizona Healthcare Realty, our entire world has changed. They are excellent. Their absolute professionalism and amazing attentive communication skills made this seamless.

Arizona Healthcare Realty found such an incredible option for us, that we decided to move after 35 years! Their referrals to other companies to help us with this transition have been exceptional.

Arizona Healthcare Realty will get the job done, and you definitely want them on your team. And for all of you out there who are considering a lease negotiator—remember that it costs you nothing. Feel free to contact us with any questions about our experience. Then call Arizona Healthcare Realty!!!


Dr. Chris Oatis
Glendale, AZ

I wanted to thank Arizona Healthcare Realty for all you did for me! I was overwhelmed by my circumstances when I had only two months to move my dental practice of ten years. You stopped at my office, a true gift, and gave me hope. Together we looked at just about every option. We stood at the plaza palomino and the decision was made. Then you went to bat for me. I could not have done this without you! I can’t thank you enough for you for your kindness, professionalism and of course your prayers. May the Lord truly bless you and yours.

Dr. Kim A. Paukune
Tucson, AZ

Arizona Healthcare Realty was the best partner to work with. I cannot imagine having to do this on my own. They negotiated a great lease for my optometry practice and took care of everything so I could focus on taking care of patients. I knew they had my best interests in mind and I felt like they were always available for questions. Although they had multiple deals going on, I had the feeling was that I was their only client. I will be contacting Arizona Healthcare Realty for all my future business real estate needs.

Dr. John Ketcher
San Tan Valley, AZ

Arizona Healthcare Realty has a passionate, professional team who is on your side. They were always available when we needed them. They are knowledgeable and specialized healthcare professionals, so they understood what my needs were. It would have been much more stressful process without them. Thank you so much Arizona Healthcare Realty for all your help and support.

Dr. Sunjung Lim
Chandler, AZ

Working with Arizona Healthcare Realty was wonderful.  They helped negotiate new lease agreement terms that were much better than I expected.  Their communication has been outstanding.  I would recommend Arizona Healthcare Realty to anyone.

Dr. Peter Nelson
Glendale, AZ

Future clients of Arizona Healthcare Realty:
My wife, Dena, and I recently secured the site of our future dental practice. We are so excited to hold the locale where our lifelong efforts can materialize. Arizona Healthcare Realty’s expertise and work ethic were of paramount importance in this achievement. They guided us to the right place at the right time.
When we decided to move forward with this phase of our dream, we learned just how important it is to have the right team members to complement our skill set. They made themselves available to navigate our full schedules and made the most of our time spent together.  They quarterbacked continuous communication between vendors, contractors, and bankers well after the dotted lines were inked. Furthermore, we have been highly satisfied with the professionals they connected us with for other phases of this endeavor. The people Arizona Healthcare surrounds their company with are a testament to their character.  It has been refreshing to connect with people who believe in the opportunity that still exists in America. We are thankful for the results Arizona Healthcare Realty’s efforts have afforded us and wholeheartedly endorse their services.

Dr. James F. Myers
Dr. Dena Khoury
Phoenix, AZ

Arizona Healthcare Realty was an amazing asset as I searched for, and ultimately found a space to lease for my new pediatric practice in Tucson. They are proactive and have knowledge and expertise geared for the dental professional. I was able to get a great deal with concessions from the landlord I would have never been able to obtain myself. They were worth way more than I paid – which was $0! I highly recommend their services.

Dr. Kyla Hollen
Tucson, AZ

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