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Come visit us at Booth #724!  Don’t miss out on this convenient opportunity to get free one on one advice.   Real estate markets are on the mend.  You can’t afford to not educate yourself on how to improve your practice through leveraging your real estate.

Are You Paying too Much Rent?

Are you paying too much rent for your practice? How much is too much?

Have you considered moving to a more suitable location? Yet not sure where to start? Who to lean on? (Where do I start?? Who will help me?)

How do you find competitive market rates, value for your investment, location, accessibility, tenant mix, parking, the right neighborhood, access, and good exposure?

Does your lease expire within the next 3 years and you want more value for your money?

Do your upcoming lease negotiations leave you feeling uneasy?

Will you know what to say to your landlord? (What will I say to my landlord?)

Did you know there are many items landlords tend to exclude in the negotiation process that can potentially leave you and your practice vulnerable?

For most practitioners, lease negotiations are an uncomfortable reality.  Because it takes them away from what they do best: taking care of patients.

Welcome to Arizona Healthcare Realty. Our business is built on taking sides, your side. That means we will NEVER represent a landlord. And by providing real estate and advisory services only to doctors, dentists and medical professionals, we are your advocate. Representing you and only you shows that we have your best interest in mind, ALL THE TIME. In just the past 4 years we have been involved in over 600 medical negotiations.

Our job is to make the move to your new practice easy. Office rent is a big expense and long term. Our expertise has already saved practitioners just like you millions of dollars.

Here at Arizona Healthcare Realty we are medical real estate experts. We are expert negotiators in your field. We have successfully negotiated hundreds of leases in our clients favor. We specialize in medical and dental real estate. We drill down to the details. Including industry specific build out requirements. We are experts in the local market. Our extensive market research is much more that computer searches. Long before we take you to a building, we have evaluated your potential location against numerous criteria specific to your practice requirement and have personally previewed them for suitability.

We only represent the tenant, no landlords, no building sales. There are no conflicts of interest when you work with us. When we negotiate on your behalf there is never the possibility that our future client is across the negotiation table. Would you hire an attorney that also represented your opponent? Well of course not.

We have a proven process to save you money. The best part: these services are always free to you, the practitioner.

Lease negotiation is an essential component to your profitability. Here at Arizona Healthcare Realty we take your business and needs seriously. Bottom line: we work for you and we care about your success.


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