Keys to Growth: Urgent Care Medical Centers

StrategyUrgent-Care is continuing to grow as a medical market segment as consumer needs change.  Urgent-care clinics also provide great co-tenant synergy with most other medical specialties.  The article below discusses how the growth of urgent care as a segment is beginning to attract traditional providers.

Traditional Providers Get Into the Urgent-Care Game

“Urgent-care centers are on the rise, driven by an aging population and increasing numbers of people with health insurance. Traditional health-care providers are getting into the game.”

Whether you are a Physician, Owner, Dentist, or Veterinarian, understanding the power of co-tenant synergy is essential to your commercial medical and dental real estate investing strategy.


2016 Health Care Providers Industry Outlook – Deloitte weighs in on the healthcare game change from volume to value and how doctors can benefit

Every year the CFO from Deloitte issues his state of the union for various industries.  There were some interesting items in the 2016 Health Care Providers Industry Outlook – The CFO weighed in on the healthcare change from volume to value and how all doctors (including dentists, medical practitioners, and veterinarians) benefit from the game change.  Deloitte also addresses how changes in patient needs can be addressed through medical/dental technology and the need for correctly positioned commercial real estate investments and targeted medical practice value propositions.  (Click here for full report)Football

Impact Investing Done Right

Many doctors nearing retirement or transition begin to question how impactful they will continue to be at the end of their careers. This Barron’s article gives a great example of continuing to influence for good, long after you have stopped looking after the health of your patients. Build a retirement that reflects who you are.

Impact Investing

Know the value of your medical practice

Healthcare consolidation is an inevitable consequence of the current medical environment. As a doctor, it is essential to know the value of your practice and how to position that value when considering the merger or sale of your practice. We advise our clients, at a minimum, to consider the following items in a merger: Does the level of care of the group you are considering match your level of care for your patients? What are the future plans of the group? Growth or sale?, What is the management structure of the group? What benefits does the group bring for the individual practitioner? Are there considerations for group ownership in profit centers such as surgery centers or real estate? Yes, while the medical industry is trending towards consolidation, always take a thoughtful approach with the right advisors.

Medical Shopping Cart

Investors are focusing more on medical projects

Medical projects are gaining favor with investors. There are many ways for a practitioner to take advantage of the opportunity — Start with this: (1) Understand your strength as a tenant and how to leverage that into a real estate project and (2) Build a good team of advisors. Learn more by clicking here.


Liability shifts to businesses for fraudulent charges

The EMV (chip credit card) compliance deadline was October 1. 2015. From this point on, banks will no longer be responsible for refunding fraudulent transactions. That financial liability will now be held by the business that is the least EMV compliant. Learn more about upgrading your POS system here and start protecting your practice!

Liability Shift

Right on the money!

Getting “market-specific expertise from the brokerage firm contractors” will reduce costs in any space. Click here to learn more about real estate brokers, and how they are helping The U.S. General Services Administration save money on their leased space over the next five years.

Brokers helping gov't

Plans to remodel your business? New tax laws could make it more affordable.

All businesses should update or remodel their buildings and interiors to remain competitive in today’s market. Here is an exciting new measure that some law makers are pushing to help you improve your company, and keep more money in your pocket!

Tax Relief

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