Take advantage of low interest rates and new lending disclosures

Walking to buildingsLow interest rates combined with increased regulation requiring lenders disclose all associated fees help make this an optimal time for getting the financing you need to grow your office. Whether you are looking to expand your practice or grow your medical real estate portfolio you can use the current financing environment to your advantage. At Arizona Healthcare Realty we help physicians, dentists, optometrists and veterinarians expand their practices and investment portfolios through strategic commercial real estate strategies. Contact us for a complementary review of your existing leased or owned commercial real estate portfolio

WSJ weighs in on new lending disclosures

Keys to Growth: Urgent Care Medical Centers

StrategyUrgent-Care is continuing to grow as a medical market segment as consumer needs change.  Urgent-care clinics also provide great co-tenant synergy with most other medical specialties.  The article below discusses how the growth of urgent care as a segment is beginning to attract traditional providers.

Traditional Providers Get Into the Urgent-Care Game

“Urgent-care centers are on the rise, driven by an aging population and increasing numbers of people with health insurance. Traditional health-care providers are getting into the game.”

Whether you are a Physician, Owner, Dentist, or Veterinarian, understanding the power of co-tenant synergy is essential to your commercial medical and dental real estate investing strategy.


Investors are focusing more on medical projects

Medical projects are gaining favor with investors. There are many ways for a practitioner to take advantage of the opportunity — Start with this: (1) Understand your strength as a tenant and how to leverage that into a real estate project and (2) Build a good team of advisors. Learn more by clicking here.


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