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“Why the leadership industry rules”
Doctors are often accused of not being good business men or leaders. The good news? That sentiment is often based on a faulty view of an effective leader. We now know, effective leadership is doing little things right, every day. Process Leadership yields greater results then a “Rock Star” CEO ever will. Process Leadership is a learnable skill that requires attention to detail and consistency which are traits where doctors excel.

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2016 Health Care Providers Industry Outlook – Deloitte weighs in on the healthcare game change from volume to value and how doctors can benefit

Every year the CFO from Deloitte issues his state of the union for various industries.  There were some interesting items in the 2016 Health Care Providers Industry Outlook – The CFO weighed in on the healthcare change from volume to value and how all doctors (including dentists, medical practitioners, and veterinarians) benefit from the game change.  Deloitte also addresses how changes in patient needs can be addressed through medical/dental technology and the need for correctly positioned commercial real estate investments and targeted medical practice value propositions.  (Click here for full report)Football

Know the value of your medical practice

Healthcare consolidation is an inevitable consequence of the current medical environment. As a doctor, it is essential to know the value of your practice and how to position that value when considering the merger or sale of your practice. We advise our clients, at a minimum, to consider the following items in a merger: Does the level of care of the group you are considering match your level of care for your patients? What are the future plans of the group? Growth or sale?, What is the management structure of the group? What benefits does the group bring for the individual practitioner? Are there considerations for group ownership in profit centers such as surgery centers or real estate? Yes, while the medical industry is trending towards consolidation, always take a thoughtful approach with the right advisors.

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