Take advantage of low interest rates and new lending disclosures

Walking to buildingsLow interest rates combined with increased regulation requiring lenders disclose all associated fees help make this an optimal time for getting the financing you need to grow your office. Whether you are looking to expand your practice or grow your medical real estate portfolio you can use the current financing environment to your advantage. At Arizona Healthcare Realty we help physicians, dentists, optometrists and veterinarians expand their practices and investment portfolios through strategic commercial real estate strategies. Contact us for a complementary review of your existing leased or owned commercial real estate portfolio

WSJ weighs in on new lending disclosures

What Is Leadership, Anyway?

Doctors in leadership

“Why the leadership industry rules”
Doctors are often accused of not being good business men or leaders. The good news? That sentiment is often based on a faulty view of an effective leader. We now know, effective leadership is doing little things right, every day. Process Leadership yields greater results then a “Rock Star” CEO ever will. Process Leadership is a learnable skill that requires attention to detail and consistency which are traits where doctors excel.

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Insurance company contracts with Banner Healthcare

The Wall Street Journal reports that strains of the ACA are showing as insurance companies limit their number of providers.  In Arizona, Aetna specifically will offer a program called Lead in which they have negotiated to only use Banner Healthcare providers.

This is a personal note to the Doctors who own and dream of owning their practice. Don’t let news like this discourage you! Quality and personal care is still in demand. (Click here for an example)  Look at the changes in medical care as motivation to connect with your patients, find their real needs and adapt your marketing and business plans to this challenge.

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