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Liability shifts to businesses for fraudulent charges

The EMV (chip credit card) compliance deadline was October 1. 2015. From this point on, banks will no longer be responsible for refunding fraudulent transactions. That financial liability will now be held by the business that is the least EMV compliant. Learn more about upgrading your POS system here and start protecting your practice!

Liability Shift

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Getting “market-specific expertise from the brokerage firm contractors” will reduce costs in any space. Click here to learn more about real estate brokers, and how they are helping The U.S. General Services Administration save money on their leased space over the next five years.

Brokers helping gov't

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OdySea Aquarium is expected to open near Scottsdale, AZ in July 2016! The construction continues for the 16-acre marine life attraction, which will also offer indoor skydiving and a massive ferris wheel on the premises! Arizona is growing in beautiful ways — Click here for more information.


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