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Imagine you could turn all your real estate needs over to a professional and be confident that every detail would be handled for your ultimate benefit? Imagine if all your negotiations and every uncomfortable landlord meeting could be handled fully in your favor? Imagine you could have a trusted advisor that truly looked after your best interest? And what if it were possible to have all this – without cost to you?

Welcome to Arizona Healthcare Realty. Our specialty is our client focus. Our core company value is putting our client needs first as our testimonials will tell you. We are passionate about your success.

Whatever your field of expertise, be it medical, dental, veterinary, or optometry, we are experts in your specific commercial real estate needs. We can help you locate, negotiate, and evaluate the best possible scenarios for your practice, minimizing your risk and maximizing potential earnings.


How We Can Help

In addition to identifying and evaluating the best potential locations for your practice, we provide support and expertise in all of the following types of transactions and decisions:

Opening a New Practice

Choose the best location for your scratch start and get it right from the beginning. We can also help you choose the right team to ensure a successful and on-time opening.

Facility Suitability Analysis

Choosing the most appropriate type of facility for your practice can be a daunting task given all the options that exist in the marketplace. We can help you determine the most suitable type for your business.

Lease Renewal

Acting as your advocate, we negotiate directly with your landlord on your behalf, making your case using the latest in market rent and lease analysis.

Purchase vs. Lease

We’re experts at helping you understand the true costs and benefits of purchasing versus leasing.

Relocating an Existing Office

Looking to re-locate but worried about disrupting your existing client base? We can help identify suitable locations that will maximize retention of clientele and exposure to new clients.

Transition Assistance

Buying or selling a medical practice?  Real estate is most often the problem that keeps a practice from closing.  Use our market knowledge and negotiation expertise to ensure your transition real estate is handled in your best interest.


Who We Work For

We provide real estate services to all medical professionals and investors:

General Medical Practitioners
Specialty Medical Practitioners
MultiPhysician Group
General Dentists
Specialty Dentists
Optometry Specialists
Ophthalmology Specialists
Animal Hospitals
Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Practices
Assisted Living Providers
Chiropractic and Holistic Practices
Medical Imaging Providers

Case Studies

Relocation of existing practice

The Doctor was only two months out from the end of her lease date, she had been in this particular space for 10 years. Having recently done some renovations to her existing space, she was waiting on an extension from her landlord. Now, 60 days out from the end of her lease, she was served notice…

The Solution

(Dr. Name withheld)
Tucson, AZ

Lease Renewal

Dr. Slattery’s practice is located in a North Phoenix retail center. Over the years, his landlord had continually increased his rent while reducing his visibility by relocating his practice within the shopping center. When we began working with Dr. Slattery, his office had been moved to the very…

The Solution

Michael T. Slattery DDS
Phoenix, AZ

New Practice Start up

At the beginning of a promising career, this particular specialist was looking forward to leaving her internship and opening her own practice.  She had even begun the process of finding a location. When we were put in contact with her, she had come to the conclusion that many of the Arizona markets…

The Solution

(Dr. Name withheld)

Dental Practice Acquisition

Dr. Martich was a first time buyer of a dental practice.  He had a lot of questions regarding the real estate that needed answers.  In addition, the property location of the practice had a very tough landlord…

The Solution

Dr. Martich, Flagstaff, AZ



  • Dear Christian, I just want to express how thankful I am for helping me find the perfect location for my new office. Your referral list of professionals-from attorney to general contractor was very helpful. I realize now how important it is to have a professional…

    Dr. Tony Kaocharoen – Scottsdale, AZ
  • I had Christian Gile represent me in my office space landlord tenant renegotiations this past year and I am glad I did. He was professional, courteous, attentive and tenacious all when he needed to be. He negotiated a great deal that I could not have negotiated…

    Dr. Michael T. Slattery – Phoenix, AZ
  • I was provided with Christian’s number through a trusted friend. Let me begin with saying, Christian helped me through my first purchase and lease. I’ve only recently graduated from dental school. I assumed a lease was as simple as a signature. It’s not. I’ve hea…

    Dr. Elloit Martich – Flagstaff, AZ
  • Christian was an invaluable help to me when purchasing my dental practice. I was given the option to purchase or lease the building of the practice I was purchasing and Christian helped me through the entire process. Christian obviously has many years of experie…

    Dr. Joe Richardson – Tucson, AZ - www.zonadentalgroup.com
  • I am the Founder and President of Rocky Mountain Dental Partners in Denver Colorado. We have multiple office locations in the Denver area. It became important for us to move one of the locations to something more visible. I found Christian Gile through a refer…

    Dr. Landon Blatter – www.rmdentalpartners.com
  • Among other medical related business, we operate urgent care and physical therapy centers. In the past we have used regular commercial real estate brokers to negotiate our leases. In this transaction we decided to try using a specialist to help us find our new loc…

    Jeremiah Faber, President – Wellspring, Ancillary Medical Services – www.wellspringmso.com
  • Our business is rapidly expanding and we used Christian to negotiate a new office lease. We had originally thought we needed a very large space. After discussions with Christian, he showed us how we could save over $150K on an interim solution giving us time to focus…

    Mimi Cho, VP of Operations – Samuel Medical HR Services – www.samuelrecruiting.com
  • Christian helped me secure and finalize a land deal for my ground-up construction dental office. The developer was very difficult to work with but Christian stayed the course throughout the extended negotiations. The result is my dream office in a prime location!

    Dr. Margie Williams – Williams Family Dentistry – margiewilliamsdds.com
  • Having Christian locate and negotiate my lease was an absolute lifesaver. All the stress of negotiating with a landlord was lifted. Christian is extremely knowledgeable with all the current listings in the area and knows how to negotiate with landlords with a lev…

    Dr. Al Ochoa, DDS – Red Hawk Dentistry – red-hawk-dentistry.com
  • …Christian tackled a big project when asked to help renew my lease or find a new home for the practice. He was masterful at arranging a very nice option to relocate versus maximizing a return on the initial investment at my current location. In the end, his negotia…

    Dr. Thomas C. Reed – City Center Dental Group – citycenterdentalgroup.com
  • As a former veteran, I instantly connected with Christian. His prior service in the Air Force gave him the experience and leadership needed to open his own healthcare realty business. Christian was a crucial piece of the puzzle that negotiated a very diffic…

    Dr. David Beebe – Orthodontist
  • I contacted Christian Gile to negotiate lease agreement with the landlord. This building was also available for purchase. He did an amazing job in representing me in these negotiations and saved me lots of money. He is very knowledgable and comes with lot of experience. He helped me understand lot of…

    Dr. Ashakiran Gummadi
  • Christian will get the job done, and you definitely want him on your team. And for all of you out there who are considering a lease negotiator—remember that it costs you nothing. Feel free to contact us with any questions about our experience. Then call Christian…

    Dr. Chris Oatis - Glendale, AZ -
  • I wanted to thank you for all you did for me! I was overwhelmed by my circumstances when I had only two months to move my dental practice of ten years. You stopped at my office, a true gift, and gave me hope. Together we looked at just about every option…

    Dr. Kim A. Paukune - Tucson, AZ -

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Arizona Healthcare Realty is About People

No matter your field of expertise...

Whatever your field of expertise, be it medical, dental, veterinary, or optometry, we’ll work to understand your specific real estate needs. We’ll help you locate, negotiate, and evaluate the best possible scenarios for your practice, minimizing your risk and maximizing potential earnings.

Exclusive Tenant and Buyer Representation

Our business is built on taking your side. We will never represent a landlord. What does that mean for you? It means zero conflict of interest. It means maximizing benefits for you and your business and ensuring the deal is negotiated in your favor because we have your best interest in mind, and only yours.

Medical Office Negotiation Specialists

A typical medical career will span 20 to 30 years and within that time most practitioners will have to negotiate two or three real estate contracts and sell at least one practice. Given that a commercial real estate lease typically has over twenty negotiable items beyond base rent, wouldn’t it make sense to partner with a specialist to maximize deal benefits? We negotiate hundreds of healthcare real estate transactions yearly and we’d like to help you with yours.

Local Medical, Dental, and Veterinary Real Estate

Local can mean a lot of things. Our local market research and expertise is the best in the industry. What makes us different is our local market research is much more than a computer search. Long before we take you to a building or visit a location we evaluate your potential site against customized criteria specific to your practice. In addition to our premier technology and extensive proprietary databases, we assess the physical requirements of your practice and examine competitor and complementary businesses long before we take you to a potential site. When you tour with us rest assured the time you spend will be effective. We provide service to all Arizona markets:

Paradise Valley
Cave Creek

The Team

At Arizona Healthcare Realty, our goal is to provide un-paralleled expert representation to ensure each client’s business or commercial real estate transaction is always negotiated for their optimum result. Each member of our team enthusiastically contributes their creativity, expertise, and ideas in order to achieve our client’s goals. Our experience and core values make this company what it is today: A company that always puts our client’s needs first. We genuinely care about the success of each of our client’s… and it shows! We have saved doctors, medical professionals, and investors millions of dollars while providing them a secure platform for future success.

Christian Gile

Christian Gile

Founder/Designated Broker View Details
Kimberly Gile

Kimberly Gile

Co-Founder View Details
Brenda Marquez

Brenda Marquez

Office Manager View Details
Christian Gile

Christian Gile

Founder/Designated Broker

Christian Gile is a veteran commercial broker offering extensive market knowledge and expertise. He has successfully negotiated hundreds of medical and dental lease & sale transactions, his representation and advice continue to result in extraordinary increases in annual profits for his clients. Most recently, Christian’s passionate belief that the needs of doctors should be properly represented culminated in the birth of Arizona Healthcare Realty, a tenant and buyer representation firm specializing in dental and medical brokerage services. A graduate of the United States Air Force Academy, he served in the U.S. Air Force for 10 years, and now resides with his family in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Kimberly Gile

Kimberly Gile


Following her graduation in accounting with honors from Arizona State University, Kimberly Gile worked in management & marketing for more than a decade before she transitioned in 2005 to the commercial real estate industry. With her prior expertise in management & marketing, Kimberly continues to provide valuable perspective and a dependable approach towards profitability for her clients. Most of all, she enjoys helping clients succeed in their financial goals and businesses. Born and raised in Salt Lake City, she now calls Scottsdale, Arizona, home.

Brenda Marquez

Brenda Marquez

Office Manager

With laser-focus determination to successfully accomplish any task, Brenda Marquez recently joined the Arizona Healthcare Realty team as Office Manager. As sweet as she is savvy at solving any challenges, Brenda loves to help people in her integral role as a point of connection with the company’s clients. She is bilingual, with a degree in Accounting and an accomplished internship with renowned firm Deloitte. Brenda previously resided in Leon Guanajuato. Mexico.

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